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The Pitch

If you are not a high profile D1 recruit, most schools are not likely knocking down your door. They don't have the resources. You need to let schools know YOU are interested in them. You can quickly create a profile and send it to all the coaches in our database. If you don’t want to do our profile generator you can also buy our email lists or have us create a custom profile for you.

What We Sell

We have a profile generator, email lists and we also create custom player profiles for you to send to coaches. We have email lists for 17 different sports. We sell them Regionally or for the whole country. Lots of times parents and students want to stay in a certain area. We have over 32,000 coaches in our system. We have a HUGE database! Check out our Store Tab at the top of the page to see them all.

Why Buy?

Easy! We have the best and most updated coach’s information on the internet! We continuously update our database throughout the year. Unlike other companies that just make a one-time list and sell that for life. We update all the time! We make sure you get 99% accurate information. Coaching turnover is high and we stay on top of it!

How it Works?

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Fill out a few forms to build your Scout Kings profile, to be submitted to coaches.

STEP 3: Subscribe

Choose from our very flexible plans and subscribe in less than a minute!

STEP 4: Search for a Coach

Search for your preferred coaches through our database. You may put in search filters such as state, college, etc.

STEP 5: Submit Your Profile

Once you have selected your target coaches, put a personal message and hit SEND!


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About Us

We founded Scout Kings in 2012 in an effort to make the recruiting process easier for student-athletes and parents. Individuals can spend hours, days and even weeks searching for the specific schools they are interested in along with the coach’s names and email addresses. When trying to assist friends and family looking to be recruited, we realized that there wasn't one place available that people could go to collect the information in a timely manner. This is the source you’ve been looking for!

Scout Kings has the nation’s only online database where you can find a list of all levels of collegiate coach’s names and email addresses for seventeen different sports. These lists were designed and created for student-athletes seeking recruitment from athletic coaches. Scout Kings offers you the opportunity to purchase region specific and gender specific email lists that range from baseball to volleyball, which are available through our large database. To date, we have over 30,000 college and university coaches contact information, and over 2,000 schools in our system! We are constantly updating our database to ensure that these lists are accurate.

Scout Kings - the number one source that assists in finding your college coach.


"Buying a Baseball list from you saved my wife and I an insane amount of time searching on the internet. It's not easy looking up potential schools. Love how you had them organized. Thanks!" - John Spears

"Thanks! After buying your Men's Basketball list, I was able to send out emails to potential schools that I didn't even know existed. Now my son is going to a college to play basketball that I would have never even looked up. Thanks again!" - Michael Moore

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